Popcorn Games

Sock Monsters

Popcorn Games

Find socks and be the first to collect three pairs.

age 8+, 2-4 players, 15-20min



A cooperative deep space adventure!

age 8+, 2-5 players, 20min

Growl Expansion

Popcorn Games

All 4 expansions in one.

age 14+, 4-10 players, 10-20min

Shadow Raiders

Popcorn Games

Survive, in this ancient battle!

age 14+, 4-10 players, 60min


Popcorn Games

Sew a quilt, collect buttons, attract cats!

age 14+, 1-4 players, 30-45min

Takenoko Big Box

Mandoo + Popcorn

Feed the lovely panda family.

age 14+, 3-5 players, 45-90min

In Front of the Elevators

Popcorn Games

Last in the elevator, is first off

age 8+, 2-4 players, 20min


Popcorn Games

Be fast and accurate!

age 8+, 1-4 players, 5min

Remember Our Trip

Popcorn Games

Who remembers our trip the most?

age 14+, 2-4 players, 30min

Popcorn Roulette

Popcorn Games

Try your luck!

age 14


Popcorn Games

The best Stock market board game ever!

age 14+, 2-5 players, 45min

Stockpile: Continuing Corruption

Popcorn Games

The first expansion of STOCKPILE
with 4 variant modules!

age 14+, 2-5 players, 60min

Stockpile: Illicit Investments

Popcorn Games

The second expansion of STOCKPILE
with Investment Strategy!

age 14+, 2-5 players, 60min

The King’s Letters

Popcorn Games

Party for all using Korean letters

ages 7+, 2-4 players, 20min

Growl: The Final Night

Popcorn Games

Find the werewolf!

age 10+, 4-10players, 20min


Popcorn Games

Collect the most gold!

age 6+, 2-5players, 15min


Popcorn Games

Sweet dreams by Dreamcatcher

age 7+, 3-7 players, 20min

Let’s Make a Bus Route: SEOUL

Popcorn Games

Create new and beloved bus line!

age 10+, 2-5players, 30min

Rage: Plastic Card Edition

Popcorn Games

Enjoy the classic Trick-taking with high-quality plastic cards

age 8+, 3-8 players, 60min

Duo mini

Popcorn Games

Fast, furious fun for the whole family!

ages 7+, 2~6 players, 20min


Popcorn Games

Color chain color-matching card game

ages 5+, 1-5 players, 20 min


Popcorn Games

A game of deduction, deception and mortality

ages 14+, 2-7 players, 30 min

VOLT: Robot Battle

Popcorn Games

Be the last one at the Robot Fighting arena!

ages 10+, 2-4 players, 30min


Taiwan Collaboration

Enjoy the most biscuits!

ages 6+, 2-5 players, 15min



Bid how many tricks you will win!

ages 8+, 3-8 players, 45min

No Touch Kraken Deluxe

Popcorn Games

The more cards, the more players and excitement!

Age 8+, 4-10players, 10min.


Popcorn Games

Point over point to victory!

Age 8+, 2-4players, 20min.

Hands Up!

Popcorn Games

Party game needless to speak, but talking by two hands

Age 8+, 3-8 players, 20 min.

Gold Rush

Popcorn Games

Become a gold rich at gold rush era

Age 8+, 3-6 players, 20 min.

No Touch Kraken

Popcorn Games

Don’t mess up with Cthulhu

Age 14+, 4-6 players, 20 min.

High Dive

Popcorn Games

Is anyone dive into the water?

Age 6+, 2-6 players, 20 min.


Popcorn Games

We invite you to Hanamikoji

Age 10+, 2 players, 15 min.

Woof Meow Biscuits

Popcorn Games

Become a puppy and kitty, Enjoy some biscuits

Age 6+, 2-5 players, 25 min.